How to Include the Mouse Cursor in a Windows 10 11 Screenshot

The Terminal offers tabbed windows and a drop-down option for PowerShell as well as other command-line interfaces including Linux distributions if installed. Another issue is that Microsoft has not revamped the Windows 10 Start menu and Taskbar. Rather, the company has replaced them; the result being that some features in the old versions are missing, and the new variants are not mature.

  • It may be different for you, but I never, ever want the Xbox app to run on my laptop.
  • You can first try it to scan the drive you want to recover data from and check if it can find your needed files.
  • To share the snip as an email attachment, locate the ‘Send snip’ button and select the drop-down arrow adjacent to it.
  • For most users, the biggest potential stumbling block will be the security requirements.

Defragmentation increases PC’s overall performance by putting the scattered pieces of data together, thus making read operations fast. Also, Read Format Hard Disk in Windows 10 guide if you want to clean your hard drive in Windows. On the UI of the Auslogics Registry Defrag app, for example, there is a Reports tab. This shows the various aspects of the PC’s operation, including the CPU, connected disks , network, and memory. Moreover, there is an option called Optimize Drivers on this tab that lets you get your drivers back to their peak forms. When you use the Auslogics Registry Defrag tool, you can significantly boost the speed of your PC.

Even Microsoft has confirmed that the free upgrade offer end date will be no sooner than one year from general availability. It clearly indicates that the free upgrade will be available at least till October 4, 2022. We will not be surprised if Windows 11 free upgrade continues for a few years.

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You can also switch between screen recording and screen capture using a two-tab popup menu. It even allows you to record your desktop, current tab or camera. You can also include your voice recording with the ‘Microphone’ option on. Not only does the app allow you to capture the entire desktop, a part of the desktop, and app windows, it also allows you to capture entire web pages with its scrolling screenshot feature. The app alsopacks an in-built editor which will allow you to edit the screenshotbefore you save it. You can use this tool with the ‘Windows + Shift + S’ command.

This window application can transfer files, data, and documents from your PC to any connected Kindle device. It has made users able to synchronize and view windows files via their Kindle devices. Your other option is to attach the .pdf file to an email, and make the subject line “convert” — just that word. Send it to your Kindle email address and your PDF will be converted into a Mobi file, where you can control the font size and formatting. The graphics will still be in there as well, but you’ll lose the layout of the original PDF. K2pdfopt optimizes PDF/DJVU files for mobile e-readers (e.g. the Kindle) and smartphones.

Windows 11 will be more stable and more secure, but stability may take time. While it’ll be undergoing extensive testing before its release, there’s always room for more bugs to be ironed out after the initial release. Crucially, Windows 11 is set to be faster and more stable than ever before. With updates 40% smaller than previously seen, you won’t have to worry bout your PC constantly updating slowly. After all, it’s those little things that soon add up when you use your PC regularly.

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In addition, double check the default location of the Screenshots folder using the tutorial below to see if it’s set properly. While on the lock screen, press the Print Screen (PrtSc/SysRq) key to copy a screenshot of the lock screen background to the clipboard. In Snipping Tool, press the Alt + N keys or click/tap the arrow next to the New button, and choose the type of snip you want. A screenshot of your display is now copied to the clipboard, and you can paste it where you like. To capture the active window, choose Window Snip instead.

Screenshot of whole screen

While yes, there are still some visual bugs here and there in the OS, mostly visual, most of them have been addressed, and Microsoft is pushing frequent updates to resolve any left. When new versions of the programs you use will require W11, or perhaps the W11 has functions you really appreciate. The question asks “how important” – not “should one upgrade”. By any definition of the word “important” it is not currently important for any user to upgrade.